How I can find my dream house? How I can solve all legal issues , if Im not speaking Spanish? Easy!!!

 Already got a property and nice car ? Need a credit for some repair works ???

 Loan for any purpose!!!

Obtain capital and invest it as you need.

We offer loans for any purpose with no need to justify it.

The only requirement to request a loan is to provide as a guarantee a property in Spain, free of pledges and which belongs to the client, family member or a friend.

We offer:

  • Mortgage secured loans
  • Interest rate from 11% p.a.
  • Loan term up to 15 years
  • Loan amount from 5 000€ to 300 000€
  • No need for proof of income
  • With RAI  and/or ASNEF
  • Response to your loan application withing 24 hours
  • No buerocracy
  • Loan application review and evaluation free of charge
  • No advance payment
Personalized attention and maximum confidenciality.
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