WEB cams and wheather in Tenerife

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web cameras in tenerife, streeming online

Tenerife- web and traffic camera paradise! If You driving rented car in canarias, You have to knew, that speed limit on highway in Tenerife is 120 km/h....Its ok and there is no need for any speed limit violation, traffic fines are high...Because most of road traffic cameras are not working permanently)))



How to rent a nice convertible car in Tenerife? It can be managed online, with no prepayment (to avoid thugs), only with filling up an internet form with no too private details. for sure with no credit card numbers etc. Even on the spot we are not asking for credit card to rent a posh car! Any debet card and full 32 years are enough. Why You need a car on small island? At first- You can always drive an open top car , because no rain, secondly- roads are fantantastic and so many places to see..

National park of Teide is a place You need a rented car indeed.

This convertible offer is cheapest rental offer for this type of luxury cars in canary Islands- posh MB-350 in winter time will cost You a price for ordinary Peugeot 308 cabrios in competitor car rent offices. Company will provide cars with no deposit and other strings attached.

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