Im here already 6 years.. And very likely I will stay here forever..When You first arrive in Tenerife, everyone are thinking about staying here or buying real eastate in Canarias..

But how I can find my dream house? How I can solve all legal issues , if Im not speaking Spanish? Easy!!!

 Need a credit???

 Loan for any purpose!!!

Obtain capital and invest it as you need.

We offer loans for any purpose with no need to justify it.

The only requirement to request a loan is to provide as a guarantee a property in Spain, free of pledges and which belongs to the client, family member or a friend.

We offer:

  • Mortgage secured loans
  • Interest rate from 11% p.a.
  • Loan term up to 15 years
  • Loan amount from 5 000€ to 300 000€
  • No need for proof of income
  • With RAI  and/or ASNEF
  • Response to your loan application withing 24 hours
  • No buerocracy
  • Loan application review and evaluation free of charge
  • No advance payment
Personalized attention and maximum confidenciality.
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