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If you want to explore the most beautiful and wild places of Tenerife, but coach excursions bores you, one of the best ways to do so is with the Quad Safari. Just pick your destination, whether its mighty volcano Teide or mesmerizing cliffs of Masca or Los Gigantes, and follow the guide into the wilderness of the island. This trip is educational and extreme at the same time plus you will see the breathtaking views that you'll won't be able to forget. All that is required from you is category B drivers license and minimum of 18 years of age.

This adventure includes everything- pick up from hotel, helmet, petrol and guide.

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Forest teide safari- single quad-110 euros , double 130 euros for 2,5 hours

The volcano trip- 5 hours- ( restaurant included)- heading Chineyro volcano, banana plantations, off road rural tracks-single quads -190 euros , double 220 euros

Masca safari- 4 hours- ( restaurant included) single quad - 180 euros , double- 230 euros

Combination quad + jet ski is ok for phisically fitted guys)) 4,5 hour in total on water and ground, of course, with decent canarian restaurant included..

Price- single 200 euros and 250 euros for double!

No need to have own car rented!

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Customer feedback and tips- Jacob , 23 years


...So I tried to figure out how to spend my last day. I knew for sure that I must see the volcano

Teide-the heart of the island. Now there were many options how to see it- you can go there with

a bus and the guide but that option seemed to boring for my taste. You can go there with your

own car which is not the worst option, personally I just didnt want to risk with my expensive

wheels on a narrow serpentine mountain roads. So I went with the option of Quad Safari. It

suited me because this trip had everything I was looking forward to-the high speed race through

the stunning pine forests going up to the highest point of the whole Canary islands. Just have a

splif with you and enjoy that majestic otherworldly view from the peak of volcano. There is only

one tip for this one-be really careful when you are driving up the narrow two lane roads because

quads can be quite slippery on the asphalt pavement and you cant see shite around the corners

,be aware, You are on the road!

So overall my holiday was a stunning success and if u need some vitamin D, you love the

seafood, are not afraid from the ocean, or youre just a nature lover Tenerife is a destination for

you. If you have any questions feel free to ask website guys.

The Teide is located in the center of the island, Tenerife, it is seen from all over the island and is impressive, it has a ring
of clouds that adorn it permanently. It is at 3,718 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Spain, as not to see it eh?
I will focus on my own experience, rather than giving you technical specifications, which can be found online. It is a stratovolcano, and this is precisely what makes it so different, since the landscape is completely volcanic, full of rocks and caves,
full of black sand, not like some beaches in Tenerife, but black pebbles. There are many landscapes that can be seen in the natural park of Teide
and all in the same mountain !! Renting or hiring open top cars- best offer www.pluscar-canarias.com
Visiting the Teide is mandatory if you are in Tenerife !!! There is nothing so beautiful, huge, impressive, like the Teide. From the top you can see
incredible sunrises, you have to climb early, but you can not climb to the peak without a special permit, which you can request from the official
website of Teide, for a maximum of 10 people in the same form. If you get permission to do the trail (called "Telesforo Bravo") you are given it for a
day and in a specific timetable, if the conditions allow the ascent from the platform lasts about half an hour, you can be a maximum of Two hours doing
it, since there are usually more people who want to do it. However, there are risky people who come up at night and after six hours of walking, get as
a reward, see the sunrise from the highest peak in Europe, also at a certain time, you can see how the shadow of the Teide covers the island Of the Gomera,
and it is something impressive !!!.
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Another routes on quad!
A fan of motor sports? Take control of the quad and tour Tenerife in magic paths. It surpasses 2400 meters of unevenness
and travels 90 km.With this excursion you will have the privilege of driving in quad with the only company authorized by
the Canary Government. A magnificent opportunity to tour and discover the geological richness of Tenerife: from the beach,
through its lunar landscapes, almost unreal, to the viewpoint of "Boca de Tauce", where you can observe the Teide in all its
splendor from the skirt of the volcano.The start of the excursion will leave "Playa de las Américas", passing through the
villages of Arjona and Escalona.In Villaflor, you can rest from the tour and take a deep breath in the highest town in Spain,
also known as a beautiful example of Canarian architecture and culture. Those who wish can also snack on one of the local
bars.Continuing our journey we arrive at the goal: the viewpoint of "Boca de Tauce", whose vision will leave you speechless.
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