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  Siam parque working hours    10:00 до 18:00
  Loro parque working hours    8:30 до 18:45

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Siam Parque

GPS 28.069125-16.724668

Welcome to the water Kingdom!

There is no doubt that this park is a must activity when you visit Tenerife. It has received countless awards and is considered to be the biggest and one of the best water parks in Europe. It doesn't matter if you're a child, teen or adult, it has its highlights for everyone. First of all the park is really accessible if you're staying in Las Americas area. You can either walk there, go with your own car or take a free bus.

Once you decide to go, there is a couple of preparations I would recommend to do. First of all you should plan this visit closer to the end of your holiday, because you should have some base tan on. Secondly try to choose Tuesday of Friday because queues will be significantly lower. Last thing you need to prepare is the food and drinks, because those things are really overpriced on the spot, plus there will be huge queues, so if you want to save time and money take something with you.

As I mentioned before Siam Park is very big and versatile so you can choose your activities based on the circumstances and your mood. If you like to chill and lay low you can go straight to the white sand beach and just get your tan on, or you can take a ride on the slow stream river which floats you all around the park. If you like the speed and adrenaline you can go straight to the main attractions-crazy tube rides. It will probably take you all day to try all of them, but if you're a fan of extreme emotions I would recommend the Tower of Power-a 60m free fall which ends through the shark tank.          

Siam parque is a water park N1 for quality and location, easy accesable from Las Americas with car or walking. If You are on rented car- use free parking.

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Price for adult - 34 eu /child -23 eu  Book online Your Siam Park Ticket!


Loro Parque

GPS 28.409701- 16.565280

Loro Park

Without a doubt this park is number one attraction in Tenerife with incredible 40 million visitors. It has the largest parrot selection in the world and makes the park one of the main references in the study and conservation of these animals worldwide. It is home to some 4000 parrots representing 350 species and sub-species, as well as many other animals.

Other records the park has set include Europe's largest dolphin show pool, the world's largest indoor penguin exhibition, the longest shark tunnel in Europe, and the park is only the second place in Europe to house orca whales. The other creatures on display in the park are chimps, gorillas, ,sea lions, otters, jaguars, tigers, iguanas, alligators, giant tortoises, flamingos , pelicans , exotic fish, piranhas, sea horses, and various sharks. For visitors interested in plants, there is a large orchid garden with very rare plants.

Shows in the park include sea lions , dolphins , parrots ,nature vision (an indoor cinema playing a 20 minute long film) and the orca show. Other attractions include the children's playground "Kinderlandia," Gambian Market, a parrot baby station, a huge parrot museum and many restaurants.

Park is located in Puerto De La Cruz, roughly 130 km from Las Americas but you can easily get there with your own car or you can book express nonstop bus delivery. For time and money saving purposes we suggest you to prepare food and drinks before entering the park.

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Price for adult - 34 eu /child -23 eu  Book here Your Loro Park ticket!


Jungle Park

jungle park how to reserve your visit

Wildlife park with posh bird show- falcons, eagles and marabo..

At 13:00 - sea lion show and parrots

Open from 10:00-17:30, for any questions call 0034-922729010

Possible to buy some food inside, small bar available with basic hot food.

You have to go towards La Camella-Arona, exit 72.

Free parking available for Your car.

GPS- 28.080820-16.694501

11.00-Parrot show
12.00 -Eagle show
13.45-Sea lion show

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Aqualand - oldest waterpark in Tenerife!

Small parking available as well as pick up from few points in Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

Only 5 min. on car from las Americas- health warning!!! DONT forgett sun cream!!!!!

GPS- 28.079167-16.728000

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Monkey Park


Monkey park tickets to buy online

GPS  28.060278-16.692778- Near Guaza roundabout.

If You dont have a rented car- 10 eu on taxi from Las Americas!

Mariposario in Tenerife,Icod De Vinos-


Butterfly parc or mariposario

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